It all began in 1998 with1 school, 1 photographer and 1 camera and a whole lot of pluck.

From the beginning we had one simple philosophy:    To produce the very best school photography the area has.  Efficient, technically strong, unique imagery and excellent customer service.
Grey Sky Productions is presently offering our full service school photography programs and products throughout the entire Puget Sound Area. We have grown from one camera operation to becoming one of the most respected school photography companies around. This accomplishment could not have been possible without the support of the many individuals who have shared in my same belief. I am very grateful to be associated with such great team support. I am proud to say my core team has been there for me for over 12 years!
We will continue to focus on 4 key components that reflect who we are and what we do:
1- To demonstrate professionalism in the field and treat every subject with dignity and respect.
2- To pursue excellent customer service for students, parents and the schools.
3- To assure quality products that students, parents and the schools will be proud to share.
4- Safety at every stage of the process from the day-of-photography to handling the data files and images.


I look forward to the opportunity to share with you the many products and programs Grey Sky Productions has to offer to your school. Please feel free to call us @ 206-723-9667 for references or to set up an appointment